Facial Abuse Starring Cat Morris Cat Morris Face Fucked

Facial Abuse Cat Morris Video

Whoa... talk about a train wreck. Cat Morris is a total fucking disaster. Mental issues? Check. Dead beat dad. Check. Mother who offed herself. Check. Cutter? Check! For a 20 year old, she's lived a life more horrific than most of us could say. So, of course she ended up on our couch. I mean, we are Facial Abuse. Let me say this about her, though... when she decided to be a whore, she promised herself she would be the best one ever. Her life along with all of her holes are open for business. She confided in me all her miserable tales and gave up her mouth, pussy and asshole for Bootleg's cock. It's after shoots like this how I wonder how I could sleep... then I remember that I'm not a degenerate whore and sleep like a baby.

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